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Zombie Apocalypse Wash Your Hands Bathroom Sign

Zombie Apocalypse Wash Your Hands Bathroom Sign

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If you thought Washing Your Hands was just about Hygiene, Think Again!

This Zombie Apocalypse Gothic Bathroom Sign adds a whole new layer of urgency to the task.

With its Creepy Hand Painted Monster Design and Fun Zombie Quote, it's the perfect way to warn your guests that something sinister is lurking just around the corner.

Measuring 11in x 6in, it's the ultimate addition to your Goth Kitchen or Sci-Fi Bathroom.

This Zombie Sign was made from Reclaimed Wood. The Background was painted Gray while the words were stenciled on using Black and White Paint.

The Word "Zombie" was Hand Painted on the Sign and really brings the entire sign together.

Hangers were added to the Back of the Sign making it easy to hang and use in your Home Bar, Bathroom, or Kitchen.

Just don't forget to wash your hands... unless you want to be next on the un-dead's menu.

Take your bathroom decor to the next level with this Zombie Apocalypse Bathroom Sign.

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