Our Story

A Bit About Us

Halloween Is a Lifestyle!

At The Bitchy Cauldron we OBSESS over All Things Halloween All Year Long!

We started this shop because we just love Halloween. We love crafting,
and building, and painting, and just CREATING... and most of it is
Spooky. Gothic. Even Cottagecore

Yeah, we got some Rustic in there too... But what's wrong with being a little Eclectic sometimes?!?

Anyways... What you see is what you get. Most things in our shop are
made and ready to ship and a lot of them are one of a kind.

Looking for a custom order? We may or may not accept your custom order but it never hurts to ask.

Make sure to follow us on Tik Tok to see videos of up and coming products so you can get your order in before they're gone.

Happy Shopping!