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Stupid Dishes Kitchen Sign

Stupid Dishes Kitchen Sign

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Looking for a Funny Gothic Kitchen Sign for your Kitchen or a Goth Gift for Mom this Mother's Day?

Well, this Stupid Dishes Sign might just be what you're looking for!

This Gothic Sign is made from Reclaimed Wood and measures 11in x 6in which makes it the perfect size for any Gothic Kitchen.

Painted Onyx Black, this Kitchen Sign was stenciled with Bright White Paint which really pops against the Black Paint.

This Sign features the Funny Quote "Stupid Dishes" and has a Skeleton Hand that's giving them the "Finger".

Hangers were added to the back of this Sign for easy hanging and use.

This Sign was sprayed with Acrylic Spray for protection and is easy to just dust off. Unless Dust and Cobwebs are apart of your Gothic Kitchen Decor!

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